We take care of all the necessary procedures to obtain the necessary licenses to organize different types of events. We work with public administrations, promoters and technical production companies, offering:

  • Activity Licence
  • Special Activity Permit
  • Public spaces Use License
  • Environmental license
  • Filming Permit

Certificates and visas

We offer technical and engineering consulting services to assist clients in the design of the necessary structures, and their subsequent certificate and approval certification. We also take care of drafting the necessary documents to obtain the Extraordinary License for your event:

  • Structural Strength certificate
  • Certificate of End of Project
  • Technical Report
  • Technical Project Fireproofing memory
  • Calculation and Certification Structures
  • Rigging Certificates
  • Special effects approvals (pyrotechnics, confetti, etc.).

Self-protection and emergency plans

We create Self-Protection Plans and Emergency Plans for events like concerts, festivals, sporting events, and popular events, as well as for facilities and buildings.

  • Self-protection plans
  • Emergency plans
  • Evacuation systems
  • Safety and Medical Devices

Occupational Risk Plan

We carry out what is essential for the Coordination of Business Activities, which includes the presence of a senior technician in Risk Prevention during the production.

  • Business Activities Coordination Plans
  • Security planes
  • ORP technicians


We develop acoustic impact studies which anticipate the environmental assignment of your events, and we propose measures to reduce it.

  • Acoustic Impact Studies
  • Soundproofing Projects
  • Sound Limiters Rent

Consulting and infrastructure

We offer consulting services for any necessary aspects for the realization of an event, such as the existing infrastructures, electrical and/or service elements, installations, etc.

  • Structural design solutions
  • Consultancy and Infrastructure Engineering (electrical, tubular structure, etc.)
  • Consulting in temporary and permanent installations
  • Design of structures


Consultancy and research of the most special and optimum spaces and locations for the realization of events, preliminary study of objectives, typology, participants, etc.

  • Location scouting
  • Spaces legalization